Meet the President


H. Vince Jacobs

A painting created by one of Vince Jacobs’ grandchildren is posted on the wall of his study. It says:


Vince grew up reading and using libraries as a joyful habit. There were no second thoughts about reading as it was a regular family activity. There are no second thoughts when it comes to the children and grandchildren either.

Vince Jacobs has been a member of the SPLF Board for 4 years. He was attracted to the Foundation by his conviction that reading is the principal skill required in one’s education and career and the one skill required for a successful, mature and productive adulthood.

Vince believes education is divided into four phases; learning up to Kindergarten, Elementary education, Middle and High School educations and College. The most important phase is Kindergarten and the first three years of elementary school which is principally devoted to learning to reading. Without the development of reading skills, future successes are in substantial jeopardy.  As learning-to-read is replaced by reading-to-learn, reading deficits impact a child’s entire education trajectory. With a brief tenure as a high school math teacher it was evident to Vince that students who struggled with reading struggled more than others with the dreaded “math word problems”.

When Vince was a young father, the school teacher of Vince’s second-grade child disclosed that his son was not reading up to grade-level. The child was unhappy and acting out and went to great effort to cover up his reading problems in both kindergarten and first grade. Eventually his son received special reading attention which changed the child’s life. Without the reading skills development efforts, his son would have confronted significant learning barriers. Instead his son is a trial attorney, like his dad. Kids compare themselves to their classroom peers, and failure has an impact on developmental opportunities as well as future academic successes.  Vince has been impacted by this family crisis and will be forever grateful for a strong skilled second grade teacher and the reading specialist that provided a path for growth and success for his son.

Vince’s primary commitment for hard work as the President of the Foundation will be centered on the Sacramento Public Library Foundation’s mission and vision.

Vince is concluding his forty-five year career practicing law as a Certified Family Law Specialist. He moved with his family to Carmichael in 1956, and has lived in Sacramento since that time. His law practice was in Sacramento. He is now working hard for Children’s Literacy.