Participating Authors 2016

Meet Some Of Northern California’s Most Distinguished Authors

Lalita Tademy
Citizens Creek



Val Brelinski
The Girl Who Slept With God
Ruth Galm
Into the Valley
Stephanie Kegan
Golden State
Susan Carol McCarthy
A Place We Knew Well
Elizabeth McKenzie
The Portable Veblen
Maggie Mitchell
Pretty Is
Maceo Montoya
You Must Fight Them
Janis Cooke Newman
A Master Plan For Rescue
Lori Ostlund
After the Parade
Elizabeth Rosner
Electric City
J. Ryan Stradal
Kitchens of the Great Midwest
Renee Swindle
A Pinch of Oh La La
Elizabeth Tallent
Mendocino Fire: Stories
Katherine Taylor
Valley Fever
Josh Weil
The Great Glass Sea
Naomi Williams

Historical Fiction
Patricia Bracewell
The Price of Blood
C.W. Gortner
The Vatican Princess

Janis Heaphy Durham
The Hand On The Mirror
Angel Knox
My Three Trees: And the Spiritual Journey Within
Peter Schrag
When Europe Was A Prison Camp
Alex Sheshunoff
A Beginner’s Guide to Paradise: 9 Steps to Giving Up Everything

Kristi Abbott
Kernel of Truth
Cara Black
Murder on the Champe De Mars
Kris Calvin
One Murder More
David Hagerty
They Tell Me You Are Wicked
Catriona McPherson
The Child Garden

Sasha Abramsky
The House of Twenty Thousand Books
Jackie Boor
Logan: The Honorable Life & Scandalous Death of a Western Lawman
Frances Dinkelspiel
Tangled Vines: Greed, Murder, Obsession and an Arsonist on the Vineyard of California
Gordon Edgar
Cheddar: A Journey to the Heart of America’s Most Iconic Cheese
Alex L. Gerould
The Valley of the Shadow of Death
Bill Gladstone
Dr. and Master Sha: Miracle Soul Healer: Exploring a Mystery
Annette Kassis
Sacramento on the Air: How the McClatchy Family Revolutionized West Coast Broadcasting
David Meuel
The Noir Western: Darkness on the Range 1943-1962
Peter Richardson
No Simple Highway: A Cultural History of the Grateful Dead
Robert Roper
Nabokov In America: On the Road to Lolita
Steve Swatt
Game Changers: Twelve Elections That Transformed California

Kate Asche
Our Day In the Labyrinth
Laverne Frith
The Evaporating Hours
Jacquelyn Smithson Howard
I’ve Got My Wings