Participating Authors 2015

Meet Some Of Northern California’s Most Distinguished Authors

Daniel Handler, a.k.a. Lemony Snicket
All The Wrong Questions: Shouldn’t You Be in School?
We Are Pirates  


Children (ages 0-7)
Lori Mortensen
Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg
Gayle E. Pitman
This Day In June
Joanna Rowland
Always Mom, Forever Dad
Linda Joy Singleton
Snow Dog, Sand Dog
Danna Smith
Balloon Trees

Children (ages 8-12)
Jim Averbeck
A Hitch at the Fairmont
Tracy Holczer
The Secret Hum of a Daisy
Emily Jiang
Summoning the Phoenix: Poems & Prose About Chinese Musical Instruments
Heather Mackey
Patricia Newman
Plastic Ahoy! : Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Young Adult (ages 13-17)
Jamie Kain
The Good Sister
Katherine Longshore
Talia Vance
Spies and Prejudice
Maureen O’Leary Wanket
How to Be Manly 
Tawni Waters
Beauty of the Broken



Lois Ann Abraham
Circus Girl & Other Stories
S.G. Browne
Less Than Hero
Jan Ellison
A Small Indiscretion
Anara Guard
Remedies For Hunger
C.W. Gortner
Mademoiselle Chanel
Stephen D. Gutierrez
Mexican Man In His Backyard: Stories & Essays
Ann Hamilton
Jessica Barksdale Inclan
How to Bake A Man
Shelly King
The Moment of Everything
Meera Klein
My Mother’s Kitchen: A Novel With Recipes
Anne Leonard
Moth and Spark
Nayomi Munaweera
Island of A Thousand Mirrors 
Barbara Rhine
Tell No Lies

Historical Fiction
Patricia Bracewell
The Price of Blood 

Galadrielle Allman
Please Be With Me: A Song For MY Father, Duane Allman
Greg Archer
Grace Revealed
Joseph Di Prisco
Subway to California
John C. Hampsey
Kaufman’s Hill

Todd Borg
Tahoe Ghost Boat
R. Franklin James
Sticks and Stones
Susan Spann
Blade of the Samurai

Donna Apidone
William Burg
Midtown Sacramento: Creative Soul of the City
Peter Hecht
Weed Land
Josie Iselin
An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed
Eve Pell
Love Again: The Wisdom of Unexpected Romance
Julia Reynolds
Blood In the Fields: Ten Years Inside California’s Nuestra Familia Gang

Julia B Levine
Small Disasters Seen In Sunlight
Daniel Rounds
Some Distant Lateral Present